Workplace Air Monitoring

Workplace air monitoring

Our expert technicians will work closely with you through a workplace air monitoring campaign to ensure that your business meets its legal obligations under COSHH. Our workplace air monitoring service will keep you informed about the exposure of your workforce to airborne hazards. We will check compliance against the exposure limits published in EH40/2005 – Workplace exposure limits. When the work is complete we will provide you with a detailed test report. This will give you advice on any actions that can be taken to reduce the hazards to an acceptable level. Acting on this advice will ensure your staff are protected, which in turn could improve production and increase staff morale.

Why carry out workplace air monitoring ?

Every day, millions of people are exposed to a variety of hazardous substances in the workplace. These can have a harmful effect on their health. Exposure to these hazards in the air, if not controlled properly, can cause ill health in numerous ways. A health problem can be caused by exposure now and the effects may not appear for many years. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) Regulation 7 place a duty on employers, as part of their COSHH assessment, to prevent or control the exposure of staff to hazardous substances in the workplace. Regulation 10 sets a duty to undertake workplace air monitoring to measure these exposures.

Workplace Air Monitoring Quality.

Quality is key to our work. This is why all of our Workplace air monitoring is carried out with equipment that has been checked and calibrated through an unbroken chain of comparisons back to National Standards. This means that all of our measurements are traceable and reliable. In addition, all of our samples are submitted to UKAS accredited labs that participate in the Workplace Analysis Scheme for Proficiency (WASP).

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