Radiator Health Effects

 Radiator Health Effects

As we approach the end of the summer, it will soon be time for most of us to switch on our central heating systems. But do you about potential radiator health effects?

What are the Potential Radiator Health Effects?

Potential radiator health effects are caused because they can create the ideal conditions for dust mites, allergens, mould spores, bacteria and microbiological infections to flourish? When the central heating is switched on after a long period of being off, the heat convection aids the circulation of these allergens and bacteria contributing to a poorer indoor air quality especially during Autumn and the Winter months.

How can you Prevent Radiator Health Effects?

The Health Care Sector, has managed to control Radiator Health effects. This is done by cleaning behind the back of radiators. This has been proven to manage the problem allergens plus the infection control of so called super bugs such as MRSA and C.difficile.

The problem is that the back of radiators is often inaccessible making cleaning difficult. Rotarad has patented a rotating valve kit for radiators enabling new or existing radiators to be rotated down to floor level. This is great for cleaning and decorating without having to remove the radiator. The “to the floor” accessibility allows for deep cleaning. This means that harmful bacteria, dust and other irritants that can trigger allergies can be conveniently and regularly removed.

The kits are easily installed on new or existing radiators and are suitable for most sizes of conventional radiator within the market place.

Air Quality Sampling

Synergy Environmental Solutions can also sample the quality of your air for dust mites, mould spores and bacteria to ensure that they are not a problem in your house or workplace.

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