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LEV Testing

What does LEV stand for?

LEV stands for Local Exhaust Ventilation. These are engineering measures that control and prevent exposure to hazardous amounts of gases or dust. Above all, they capture harmful substances at source and prevent workers from breathing them in.  

Do I need an LEV?

If your business produces hazardous substances in the air in sufficient amounts that it affects the health of your workers, then you need an LEV system. As an illustration, Every year, thousands of people develop diseases from breathing in dust and gases at work. LEV Systems are the primary engineering control for these hazards. The HSE estimates that twelve thousand deaths each year are due to past exposure to gases and dust.

What is LEV Testing?

COSHH requires employers to prevent their workers’ exposure to hazardous substances. Where this is not reasonably practicable, they must control hazards adequately. Testing ensures that an LEV system is still working in the way that it was originally intended and that it is still protecting the health of workers.

How often should an LEV be Tested?

It is a legal requirement through Regulation 9, that firms that use LEV systems must arrange for a test at 14 month intervals or fewer. As part of our service, we can tell you when your servicing is next due. We can do this free of charge and can also give you a price cut for work covering several visits.

Who should carry out an LEV inspection?

The Management of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires that employers must ensure that the person carrying out the test is competent. So, it is essential to ensure that the person who checks the LEV system has passed BOHS Module P601. Our P601 staff will carry out testing of your systems to make sure they are still working correctly. This testing will make sure that your company complies with COSHH Regulation 9. If your test shows that your systems are not working as needed, we will tell you what’s wrong and more importantly, the way to fix it.

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