Air quality assessments can be required for a number of reasons such as Environmental Impact Assessments, planning applications and environmental permitting applications. Synergy Environmental’s Air Quality Assessment service can assist your organisation through these processes.

Air-Quality-MonitoringEnvironmental Impact assessments

Our environmental impact assessment service will predict the environmental consequences of a project prior to it being implemented. We can also assist you in the mitigation of these consequences by proposing measures to remove or reduce impacts to an acceptable level.

Environmental permit applications

Our Environmental permit application service is capable of preparing applications across all industrial sectors. We can help with individual parts of the application or the whole process, from meeting with the regulators to submission of the final application.

Dispersion Modelling

Atmospheric pollution from planned industrial sites, roads, quarries and other pollutant sources, can have a serious impact on the local environment. Accurate dispersion modelling at the planning stage can identify potential problems and prevent or minimise this impact before it occurs.

Our dispersion modelling service can take into account the prevailing weather conditions, the local topography and the built environment to allow potential pollutant concentrations from different scenarios to be modelled in detail. Dispersion modelling is generally required for Air Quality Assessments for Environmental Permits and in support of planning applications.

Air Sampling

The accuracy of the data that supports an assessment is important because it helps to protect both your investment and the health of members of the public. That’s why we can also provide you with a complete measurement service to meet the requirements of your air quality assessment.

We can provide you with the following monitoring and air sampling services:

dust deposition and directional gauges
PM10 particulate monitoring
Speciated volatile organic compounds and BTEX compounds (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes).
Oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide
Acid Gases
Heavy Metals

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